To go trekking in Sardinia, leave behind your world of home comforts and technology, immerse yourself in the past, breathing fresh air and enjoying breathtaking panoramas. This is a pastime more about feelings than anything else, (besides being easy to learn), thanks to there being lots of open space and to the predominance of nature all around.

Setting off from Port Alabe, we suggest “Il sentiero delle 3 torri”, which connects the Spanish towers of “Columbargia” and “Ischia Ruja”  and finishes in front of the “Foghe” tower, at the mouth of the “Rio Mannu”. The towers formed part of the old system of coastal defences contructed by the Aragonesi. The road to “Foghe” has always been the landing point for Moor invaders and for pirates.

The trek follows a particularly striking route which alternates between extremely open panoramas along the coast and paths through woodland.

Torre di “Culumbargia”

Torre di “Ischia Ruja”

Torre di “Foghe”