You’ll find us on the north-west coast of Sardinia, on the enchanting beach of PORTO ALABE.

A few steps separate us from the crystal clear sea, surrounded by a backdrop of rare beauty with dramatic cliffs. Nearby, there are and lots of small, sandy coves which, every year, are awarded 5-flags in the “blue guide” of the Legambiente.

Porto Alabe is in the district of Tresnuraghes, an area inhabited since ancient neolithic times, where you can admire Nuraghi, the home of Janas, dolmen and the giants’ tombs.

Going inland there is a basalt high-plain area which hosts rich growths of Mediterranean scrub, olive groves and vineyards which produce the famous local wine, Malvasia.

All this at less than 4 miles from the small town of Bosa and only 35 miles from Alghero (Airport).

As opposed to other places touched by “globalization”, here you can spend a completely relaxing holiday, in close contact with nature and with the traditions of this little-known corner of Sardinia.



“Fluxus” is an artistic movement founded by George Maciunas (1931 to 1978); the movement grew in America in the 1960s. The Latin term “fluxus” signifies “flowing” and suggests a phenomenon in a state of continuous change.

Artists of many differing expressions and from many different origins find themselves united in a marvellous utopia of this unstoppable and liberal art form; an art form that must make do with itself, without any compromise.

Amongst the more significant exponents of this movement, we remember:

Yoko Ono, Dick Higgins, Alison Knowles, Nam June Paik, Alan Kaprow, Al Hansen, Jackson Mac Low, Robert Watts, Roland Topor, Ben Vautier and Takako Saito.

In the 1980s, thanks to a casual encounter I had with the editor and arts patron Francesco Conz, I had a “collaborative venture” with some of these artists, producing for them some limited-edition screen prints. Some of these works are exhibited and actually furnish our hotel.



To this day, my passion for contemporary art continues; in fact, in keeping with this, an entire wing of the hotel is permanently dedicated to displays of contemporary art”.

Roberto, owner.